Dr Osman YILDIZ, Head of the Managing Authority, who was in Germany within the scope of the documentary filming "IPARD's Traces in the Rural", also met with the officials of the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection.
During the visit to Germany for one of the three documentaries shot using the IPARD II Programme Technical Assistance budget, it is aimed to introduce good examples of rural tourism sub-measure. In this context, the German beneficiary, who has received a grant from EU funds and is operating in the field of agro-tourism, and our Nevsehir investor, who has received a grant from IPARD funds in Turkey, has been brought together.
Within the scope of his visit, Dr YILDIZ, stated that as the Ministry, within the scope of LEADER studies, the number of Local Action Groups (LAGs) established at the local level in 26 IPARD provinces has reached 100, and that as the IPARD Managing Authority, they organize new LAGs to start active work as soon as possible and organize training programmes according to their needs.
He also stated that the IPARD I Programme prepared by our Ministry has been successfully completed and the IPARD II Programme is about to finalize as well, and the IPARD III Programme prepared by the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform-IPARD Managing Authority will start in 2023. Within the scope of the IPARD III Programme, beneficiaries investing in the agricultural sector will continue to be supported as well as the measures such as the LEADER measure, the Agri-Environment measure, Technical Assistance measure and moreover, the implementation of Advisory Services will be included in the IPARD III Programme.

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