With IPARD, I Have Transformed My Skills And Experience Into An Investment

Beneficiary : Halis Ödel

My name is Halis Ödel, I am an IPARD beneficiary from Buldan district of Denizli which is the capital of textile industry.I am 56 years old and the child of a family dealing with textile business. I have been dealing with this business for 50 years and exporting textile products and cotton linter to nearly 20 countries. I have supply contracts with chain stores in our country and I send curtains and table cloths from Buldan fabric. I am one of the top 50 taxpayers of Denizli every year. I have created employment for the local people in my business. Our previous building was very old and it was not a structure that I could show foreign consumers with pride. The Denizli Provincial Coordination Unit of ARDSI organized a publicity meeting for the Exporters Association of Denizli and our accountant participated in the meeting. Following our detailed researches and receiving information from the Denizli Provincial Coordination Unit, we decided to make our investment by benefiting from IPARD supports. Our new building is both comfortable and we are able to host our guests proudly. We furnished the entrance floor with traditional motives so that our guests can feel the peculiarity. Since I have made the investment decisions on a sector that I know very well, it has been easy for me to pass the post-investment period. We are now at the reimbursement period of the investment and consider new investments when we are ready financially. We also need to make investment in equipment and the climatization of this enterprise. When my skills and experience came together with the IPARD supports, this enterprise came to existence. I call competent producers like myself to make investment.

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