When I Completed This Project, The Village People Thought That I Found Treasure

Beneficiary : Acar Kardeşler

My name is Mehmet Salih Acar, I have been dealing with sheep breeding since 1990. However I always planned to breed cattle. My brother travels a lot and during his visits he has heard about IPARD supports and told me as well. Later on, I visited the Van Provincial Coordination Unit of ARDSI and received information there. I had 20 decares of land convenient for my project. I prepared a project for 120 milking cows and applied for the IPARD support. I realized my project in 2016 through IPARD grant. During the first months, I faced some difficulties in breeding the animals and marketing the milk and recognized that I should have started with fewer animals. Therefore I recommend new investors to be engaged in this business to start with fewer number of animals. After overcoming the difficult times, now I can sell my milk at 1.5 TL and do not face any problems in marketing. Since our facility is a family business, the need for labor is met by family members.

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