A Nicely Planned Rural Tourism Facility In Kastamonu

Beneficiary : Sadiye Kırmızıoğlu

My name is Sadiye Kırmızıoğlu Yayla, Gölköy Life Resort Hotel is a facility build with IPARD funds in Kastamonu province in which culture and nature came together. We planned this facility to cover an accommodation center with 20 rooms a swimming pool, sport activity area and riding club and brought it into service in 2015. As our facility was designed in country style, wood and stone was used mainly, the rooms of our hotel are distinguished in authentic style. Our facility is providing service for social activities like engagement and wedding ceremonies, henna nights, circumcision feasts, cocktails and meetings. Besides the support of my family, my uncle helped me a lot while establishing this facility. My grandfather’s saying

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Republic of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry
General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
Eskişehir Yolu 9. Km, ANKARA/Türkiye
Website: ipard.tarim.gov.tr