From Shoe Shining To Industrial Nut Marketing

Beneficiary : Ertaç Öztürk

My name is Ertaç Öztürk, I established a nut packaging and marketing enterprise by name of Öztürk Fındık in Bulacak district of Giresun. We are four brothers and we started to work with the shoe shine box our father bought us. I was the last one working with shoe shine box. Later on I wanted to set up a business, purchased nuts from a producer in our region and started this business. While carrying out this profession I was feeling the desire to drum up my business. After arranging my financial situation, I wanted to build a nut packaging facility. However I searched for grant supports provided by government and recognized that IPARD support is convenient for my project idea. I purchase dried nuts from producers and nuts undergo picking, classification, crushing and packaging in my facility. Later on I sell the nuts to integrated enterprises and exporters. I also received the export document however I did not started exportation. My objective is to improve my business further and establish an integrated facility on nuts. We arranged the production projection to cover all the year. We have approximately 100 employees including woman workers and by operating through the year we achieve the sustainability of employment.

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