"Reveal Your Investor Soul"

Beneficiary : Mine Bıyıklı

My name is Mine Bıyıklı, I am the owner of Selen Flowering enterprise established with IPARD supports. After working in other sectors for long years, I started to produce flowers. I already had an investor soul that I was not aware of it until that time. I was introduced with IPARD supports in a publicity meeting organized by ARDSI. Then I met with The Head of Cut Flower Exporters’ Association and he gave me the guarantee of purchase in case I would take the decision of production. The region we are located in Burdur is very suitable for cut flower production. When I found out that we could take the advantage of this special location, I decided to apply for IPARD supports. When I made my decision, I informed my husband. He supported me. We have our own capital sufficient for our share however I could not manage this project without IPARD support. Since Antalya, the most important center of cut flower production, is too hot for carnation production, the production is limited. We make use of this situation and go towards carnation production. However, as the carnation can be cut once a year, it makes cash flow difficult. We couldn’t find employees fitted for carnation production. Thereupon, we decided to produce rose. We purchased the scions from Kenya and employed people for grafting from the Aydın province. I was so determined to produce top quality roses and managed it. As cut rose requires regular harvesting, we do not have cash flow and marketing difficulty any more. We have three employees, one of whom is woman and during special days such as Mothers’ Day or Valentine’s Day, we also employ temporary workers. Generally we employ woman workers. After maturing our business, we are planning to make investment on climatization and solar energy. We also want to purchase a transportation vehicle with cooling system. In the future I would like to organize the producers and found a cooperative to turn this region into a flowering station. All these improvements have been achieved thanks to IPARD supports. I summon you to mobilize the investor inside you and establish modern enterprises for our country.

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