Sunaba Pavilion Hotel in Silent Hüsün Village

Beneficiary : Osman Gökpınar

My name is Osman Gökpınar, I was dealing with textile business before applying for IPARD supports. I had a dream of having a home in the Aegean region and I bought this land in the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale in 1996-97. After buying the land, I built a house of 500 m2 at the earliest opportunity. Then I recognized that there were no unique, authentic accommodation facilities nearby and considered that the region should be revived by maintaining its natural features. Thus, I decided to build a hotel by using local stones which are suitable for the atmosphere of our village as well. Meanwhile, I heard about IPARD supports and followed the developments from the internet. With the recommendations and support of my wife, I submitted my project to ARDSI. Following its approval, I completed my hotel with 25 rooms by utilizing my own financial resources as well. I also provided employment for 12 villagers in my hotel and recognizability of the village increased thanks to my hotel. Thus, we added value to this pretty village. I strongly recommend those willing to benefit from IPARD supports to apply for it. I also support new entrepreneurs and provide them with information. I am planning to apply for IPARD supports under the renewable energy and rural tourism measures in a short while.

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Republic of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry
General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
Eskişehir Yolu 9. Km, ANKARA/Türkiye
Website: ipard.tarim.gov.tr