Culture Frog Production Facility

Beneficiary : Bülent Gündüz

My name is Bülent Gündüz and I am a Professor in the Department of Biology at university. I made my post graduate and doctorate studies in the United States. Farming culture frog was my dream which would be a good example of cooperation between university and industry. Before setting up the facility I was doing research on the internet, then I came across with IPARD grant supports. Immediately I visited the Çanakkale Provincial Coordination Unit of ARDSI and received all the necessary information. I began to search for a remote land as frog farming requires silent places in order to abstain from disturbing the people with their noises. I chose the Gökçebayır village of Ezine District as many places in Çanakkale are conservation areas. I set up the facility through IPARD grant supports and started operating in 2016. In the beginning, I worked with an engineer and an employee; however, I am working on my own now. Marketing is not a problem I even made an agreement with France. I am planning to enhance the facility for exportation. Not only I consider producing frog legs but also striping and processing the skin which is very valuable. After the facility starts to operate at full capacity, I will apply for the IPARD support for modernization. I believe that the given supports serve their purposes and our facilities become in compliance with EU standards.

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