The Bet The Mukhtar Had With His Villagers

Beneficiary : Ramazan Aydın

My name is Ramazan Aydın and I have been dealing with farming in Çerkeş district of Çankırı. For many years, I have been engaged in plant production and animal husbandry. I benefited from the medicinal and aromatic herbs investment measure under IPARD II Programme for purchasing machinery and equipment to perform medicinal and aromatic plant production. I was planning to plant safflower and get the aromatic part of the plant and use its oil seed as feed for animals. I applied for IPARD II supports and benefited from the machinery and equipment support. With this grant support, I purchased a trailer, chemical sprayer, trailer for solid manure, roller and grain drill. I am also the mukhtar of my village and in order to prevent stubble burning, I tried to prove that farmers can plant directly on stubbles. This will be the first application in our region. My farmer friends insist on the impossibility of planting on stubbles but I said the opposite. This issue became a subject matter of our bet and I would like to overcome their persistence by winning this bet. With this application, I also believe that I will not only prevent stubble burning but also cut the costs in half.

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General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
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