A Career From Professional Football To Raising Broilers

Beneficiary : Muzaffer Akdoğan

My name is Muzaffer Akdoğan, I have been a professional footballer for many years. My football life was good but I knew that this life would end one day. I have always kept in my mind to make a permanent investment which will provide a good living for my family. I completed my two chicken houses with 25,000 hens in each, one of which was a modernization project, by benefiting from IPARD supports. Later on I started to work with another firm to carry out contracted poultry production. The firm I work with provides all the necessary raw materials for my production. For a long time, the people around criticized me as they think that a football player cannot raise broilers but I did not mind. I have been operating this poultry house since 2013 and never thought of establishing this facility in any other region because this is my hometown. I manage the enterprise in an efficient way and hope that it will open the doors of other opportunities. I am glad to receive the IPARD supports and would like to benefit from IPARD again if I could find an opportunity.

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Republic of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry
General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
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