A Hygienic Milking Farm Setting its own Marketing Network

Beneficiary : Meral Kubuş

My name is Meral Kubuş, I have made my dream come true by making an investment of 60 heads of dairy cattle in Ilgaz district of Çankırı thanks to IPARD grant supports. We have visited many farms in Netherlands and Germany previously. Over time we have matured our project idea for setting up a dairy farm. Ilgaz is our hometown and we have a suitable land here. Setting up a dairy farm here was the right choice that’s why we benefited from the IPARD supports. Following the completion of our investment, I have been the first woman investor in Çankırı, receiving the grant support from IPARD. My husband and I began to produce milk studiously and as a result of our efforts, we received the disease free certification. We also deal with marketing the milk. Our consumers are in Ankara and they can contact us through the social network we set up. We sell our milk with the messages we receive from this network. We store the milk in hygienic bins and transfer them with our refrigerated vehicle on the same day. We produce about 1 ton of milk daily and sell it by this method. We have gained the trust of our consumers with our high quality milk. Moreover, upon the demand of our consumers, we would like to re-apply for the IPARD support in order to establish a small milk processing enterprise and make yoghurt, cheese and butter from our milk.

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