A Slaughterhouse Set Up By The Agricultural Development Cooperative

Beneficiary : Çerkeş Tarımsal Kalkınma Kooperatifi

The red meat slaughterhouse set up through the IPARD grant support is an investment carried out by the Agricultural Development Cooperative for Çerkeş and Its Villages. The Cooperative has approximately 90 members and was founded in 1992. The Head of the Cooperative is Mr. Hasan Sopacı who is the Mayor of Çerkeş Municipality at the same time. He is a veterinary surgeon as well. The Deputy Head Mr. İrfan Karaağaç stated that their initial target is to set up a slaughterhouse as the people in the region mainly deal with animal husbandry. He mentioned that with the consensus of the Cooperative members they decided to set up a hygienic slaughterhouse at EU standards. He also expressed that they had heard about IPARD supports and wanted to benefit from this opportunity. He informed that the Municipality and Cooperative had a close relation and the slaughterhouse would serve the nearby provinces thanks to refrigerated trucks to be provided by the Municipality. He also stated that in the upcoming periods the Municipality would open a licensed livestock market and the slaughterhouse would contribute to the establishment of a well-equipped livestock market.

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Republic of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry
General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
Eskişehir Yolu 9. Km, ANKARA/Türkiye
Website: ipard.tarim.gov.tr