Milk Production Farm Handed Down From Father To Son

Beneficiary : Emre Akarsu

My name is Emre Akarsu and I have been dealing with animal husbandry for years. I have established a milk production enterprise with 100 heads in Çerkeş district of Çankırı. This is a family-run business and our family has been engaged in animal breeding for years. On behalf of my family, I realized this investment. Animal husbandry is our father’s profession and we would like to continue this business. We wanted to set up a more hygienic, modern and larger barn. We have been searching for a grant support in order to realize it and we heard about IPARD supports from our friends. We completed the construction of the barn and attained a modern milking farm. Thus, we eliminated the problems we encountered in our previous barns. We started to produce our milk and sell it to the Çerkeş District Milk Union, carrying with refrigerated milk collection trucks. We have no idea other than practicing animal breeding. We are planning to expand our business in the coming periods. We would like to benefit from IPARD supports again.

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