An Astro Turf in Tutak

Beneficiary : Fadime Erdoğan

My name is Fadime Erdoğan and I am 32 years old. My husband is engaged in joinery and his business is seasonal as his business may pause due to cold weather in winter. While we were thinking about an activity for winter season we heard about IPARD grant supports. We visited Ağrı Provincial Coordination Unit of ARDSI and received information. When we searched about the needs of our locality, we discovered that an astro turf is necessary in Ağrı especially during winter season. There was only one astro turf in our district. There were many young people willing to do exercise; however, during harsh winter conditions, activities they could do were very limited. In addition, doing exercise was allowing people to be more social. We maturated our idea and applied to ARDSI for grant support. Our facility is operating well now, people even 40 km far from our district come here and play football. The students of the school near our facility also use here; we even provide shuttle service for those desiring to do exercise in our facility. At the earliest opportunity I would like to apply for IPARD support again for a leisure facility near our astro turf.

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