A Sheep Barn Compatible With Nature, Hidden Inside The Forest

Beneficiary : Serpil Yorgancı

My name is Serpil Yorgancı. Although we were not experienced in animal husbandry sector, I and my father had always dreamed of practicing animal breeding for years. We visited foreign countries to see the facilities there and collected information concerning our investment plan and we were amazed by the nature friendly sheep barns made of wood. We decided to build a similar barn to raise sheep in our hometown; Abana district of Kastamonu. We found a suitable land for building wooden sheep barns, in this way without harming the nature and view we built our wooden barns. We benefited from IPARD grant support to realize our dream. However building wooden barn is more expensive than the concrete ones and we had difficulty in finding skilled hands for its construction. We did not give up and managed to build it despite the difficulties. Our wooden barn is so compatible with nature that sometimes I even could not differentiate the barn from the trees of the forest. For fattening we selected the “charolois” breed and we are satisfied with it. As our project became a model for the producers around us many visitors came both to see our wooden barns and our animals. We do not face marketing problems and we would like to open a restaurant and use our own meat in this restaurant in the future. As we are facing difficulties in dry fodder production, we use a container like equipment for the production of green fodder. We wish this equipment is included to the eligible expenditure items under IPARD Programme.

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A Sheep Barn Compatible With Nature, Hidden Inside The Forest

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