A Successful Management And Establishment Of Marketing Network

Beneficiary : Harun Özdemir

My name is Harun Özdemir, firstly I worked as a butcher and later on I managed to improve my business and set up Ilgaz Meat and Meat Products Processing Enterprise in organized industrial zone in Kastamonu. By purchasing an inactive meat shredding facility with my own resources then I established a modern meat shredding facility and red meat slaughterhouse on it. I was informed about IPARD Programme in a publicity meeting and thanks to the 6 trucks with cooling tanks at small, medium and large sizes I hold under IPARD grant support, I can deliver my products to the neighboring and remote provinces. I started marketing the products to the remote provinces of Black Sea Region as well. There were 18 employees beforehand but the number of my employees increased to 29 by this means. I also plan to re-apply for IPARD support to establish an animal breeding farm and extend my facility with building a cold storage. I recommend the ones with project ideas to build up their courage and contribute to the domestic production. In order to achieve this, I urge them to benefit from IPARD funds.

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