A Migratory Beekeeper In The Capital Of Beekeeping

Beneficiary : Mehmet Keskin

My name is Mehmet Keskin, I am dealing with beekeeping in Ordu and benefited from IPARD funds in order to purchase a portable bee house. I approximately own 300 beehives and have been dealing with migratory beekeeping for 35 years. I spent the half of the year in Eastern provinces of Turkey. I produced nearly 4,5-5 tons of honey this season. I am selling the honey myself as comb honey and extracted honey. Besides honey production, I also produce and sell queen bee which also contributes to my income. As my sons are not willing to continue this profession, I do not have plans for expanding my business. Beekeeping, especially migratory beekeeping is a very tedious practice; hence you cannot spare time for your social activities. One cannot succeed this job without loving it, so I recommend the ones preferring this job to consider all these factors before setting to work. In case I have an investment plan in the future, I would like to benefit from IPARD grant support again.

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