A Fish Packaging Facility In Fatsa Organized Industry Zone

Beneficiary : Barış Zaman

My name is Barış Zaman, as a family dealing with fishing for 3 generations, we decided to establish a packaging facility and build a fish packaging facility in Fatsa district of Ordu. Rize is our hometown however we established this facility in Fatsa as Ordu is among IPARD provinces and it is easier to access fish in Western Black Sea from Fatsa. Our enterprise is operating between September and mid-April and we perform quick freezing and packaging to deliver our products to domestic market. We purchase aquaculture from the cooperatives and our annual capacity is 2000 tons. We have 15 employees in our enterprise but the number increases to 80-90 during packaging season. In the future, our target is producing and marketing sausage, meat balls and smoked products from fish. However IPARD Programme does not cover these kinds of activities so we should find other instruments. It is a pleasure to be able to provide these products easily to the Central regions that cannot reach seafood. Moreover, I have been called a fisher before but I am pleased to be called a businessman now.

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