Dye Production In Laboratory From The Plants In Nature

Beneficiary : Berrin Çamur

My name is Berrin Çamur, I am a German teacher. In our enterprise in Tirebolu district of Giresun I and my brother sell the natural dyes which are derived from aromatic plants to textile firms. I was interested in handcrafts in high school and later on I was engaged with textile. The idea of setting up such an enterprise came to my mind when I was working in cotton weaving factory. I prepared my project without receiving support from advisors and applied for IPARD support and I set up my enterprise on my own garden via IPARD grants. I obtain natural dye from the aromatic plants which lost their economic value to a large extent. I also have a laboratory in my enterprise. The equipment I use for obtaining dye is my own design. I use stinging nettle, nut shell, the wastes of the tea plant and fruit wastes when obtaining the dye. I pay a certain amount to the village woman around this region to collect the dye materials for me. Besides, I am also a member of Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Working Group formed by General Directorate of Agricultural Researches under Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. For now, I only sell my products to textile firms but I also contacted with carpet weavers in Konya. My objective is to increase the quality in handcrafts, carpet and rug production. Approximately I produce 1 ton of dye monthly but it changes according to the order. Avoiding the chemical dye is important in terms of human health and the cost of producing natural dye, contrary to popular opinion is not high. My next target is to realize my Project on Industrialization in Vegetable Dye.

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