"Natıonal Rural Network Publicity Meetıng" On Aprıl 04, 2018 Held In Sanlıurfa.

“National Rural Network Publicity Meeting” was held on 04 April 2018 in Şanlıurfa, the city making the sun rise.
The third “National Rural Network Publicity Meeting” organized under IPARD Programme by the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock was held on 04 April 2018 in Şanlıurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum Conference Hall. Deputy Governor of Şanlıurfa Bahadır GÜNEŞ, General Director of Agricultural Reform Emin İZOL, Deputy General Director of Agricultural Reform and Head of Managing Authority Muhammed ADAK, President of South-eastern Anatolia Project (SAP) Regional Development Administration Sadrettin KARAHOCAGİL, Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Dr. Murat ÇAKMAKLI, ARDSI Provincial Coordinator Dr. Sadık YETİM, Agricultural Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Recep GÜNDOĞAN, Deputy Dean of the Agricultural Faculty Assistant Professor Ebru SAKAR, President of Agricultural Chamber Ahmet EYUPOĞLU, technical experts, entrepreneurs, universities, research institutes, managers of institutions and NGO representatives participated to the meeting.
“New period in rural development”
Şanlıurfa Provincial Coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution Dr. Sadık YETİM stated “the development of Turkey depends on rural development. National Rural Network Project, being performed by our Ministry under the chairmanship of Head of Managing Authority Mr. Muhammed ADAK, excites us a lot. Good practice examples done by ARDSI will be an important part of national rural network. Şanlıurfa Provincial Coordination Unit is one of the first 22 provinces accredited in the first phase within the 42 provinces in IPARD I Programme. 58,63 million TL support was provided to 220 projects in 2012-2016 period. Approximately 138,30 million TL value investment was made in rural via these supports. New employments (1510) have been provided in Şanlıurfa with IPARD supports. IPARD supports have discriminated positively in favour of young people and women. All of these investments have been carried out in the rural area. Project costs are between 5.000 and 3.000.000 €; we want these supports to reach all sections in rural areas and built networks among them, we want to give the opportunity to all these sections to benefit from ARDSI supports. Under this scope, we interviewed with 1176 persons in 3 months, we built teams and told our projects. We informed directly 12300 persons by using mass media and we attained an unexpected success. 52 million TL investment demand was taken in the 3rd call. We will support particularly renewable energy, beekeeping, medicinal plants, processing of local products, stone and mother of pearl processing and rural tourism. I hope building networks, national rural network, in which face to face interviews and sharing are very important, brings auspiciousness”.
“We will use our resources in the best way"
Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Dr. Murat ÇAKMAKLI made a speech in the meeting and said “The dependable national and international database show that the agriculture became an implementation area for a big entrepreneurship, advanced technology and information. The most important characteristics of agricultural sector is that the food security strategically necessary for all of the countries in the world has been provided. It is obligatory for agriculture to obtain its existence as an employment source in order to provide millions of people’s living by staying at their homes in Turkey. In the process of membership to EU, Turkey shouldn’t look at the issue as a simple adaptation and even relieve of an obligation, but should have a strategic vision for turning the agriculture into the driving force of development. Developed countries do and achieve in agriculture is optimizing their own resources. We have to do this. We carry out our studies with this understanding in the charge of our Minister in Şanlıurfa. As Agricultural Coordination Board formed of universities, SAP Administration, NGO representatives, all stakeholders, institutions, we are happy that we established National Rural Network. We will strengthen this coordination and communication network via national rural network”. The opening speeches of the meeting continued with Şanlıurfa Deputy Governor Bahadır GÜNEŞ, he thanked everybody those who contributed to the study and wished for auspiciousness. After the speech the presentations have been continued.
“Şanlıurfa, the city making the sun rise”

In the meeting; Dr. Şenay SEVENGÖR, from the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform said that the aim is to strengthen the rural development bonds with the National Rural Network. “Şanlıurfa is the city making the sun rise in my life. I learned rural development here. I was in SAP Administration SAP-Entrepreneur Supporting Centre Project and made my master’s degree on aromatherapy and PhD studies with the farmers here. I am very excited to be here as the responsible person for national rural network and an aroma therapist. I send my gratefulness and love to this city opening its doors to everybody creating link deeply with itself. The good practice examples related to the solar potential, renewable energy resources and the olive of this city will be told.”
“A gift from the plant of sun to the children of sun: olive and olive oil”

“Ebrulim Olive and Olive Oil Facility” has been told as a good practice example in the meeting by the Deputy Dean of Harran University Associate Professor Ebru SAKAR; “we started with olive, the plant of sun. Olive is power, it is love and happiness. I believe that we will show this power more via rural network. The presentation continued with the information given by Ebru AKAR and Dr. Şenay SEVENGÖR about the healing of the abdominal region via olive oil.
“Şanlıurfa Renewable Energy Resources (Solar Panels)”

In the presentation submitted by ARDSI Şanlıurfa Provincial Coordinator Dr. Sadık YETİM, the information on Şanlıurfa sunshine values, ARDSI IPARD II supports and ARDSI implementations were given; while the average sunshine duration of Turkey is 2640 hour/year, average sunshine duration of Şanlıurfa is 3033 hour/year and this value provides a big potential.
“Sema GÜLLÜOĞLU Solar Energy Station Project”

Sema Güllüoğlu informed on the project with an investment area of 17.986 m², investment cost of 2.834.801 TL and eligible cost of ARDSI which is 1.604.983 TL; she stated “I had to leave my education because of reasons beyond control. However, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I decided to build renewable energy systems project in order to make use of the barren land inherited from my family and not to destroy environment and ecology. During this process, I applied for the IPARD call of ARDSI. I want to thank to ARDSI and all the Ministry staff replied positively to my application”. The meeting has been closed with the reception.

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