A Project for Utilising the Milk of Small Producers

Beneficiary : Yüksel Dere

My name is Yüksel Dere, I am the Head of the Milk Producers Union founded in 2012 in Korgan district of Ordu. The objective of our Union is to provide the utilization of the milk produced by small farmers and villagers. We have approximately 650 members and collect milk daily from nearly 400 members. We cool the milk within the milk tanks in our milk collection center established via IPARD funds and deliver the milk to two milk processing facilities nearby. Because of its landscape features, transportation to Korgan district is difficult. In order to provide the sustainability of small farmers, this service was needed. We are planning to increase our milk production in the future. We will import approximately 400 Simmental cows from abroad and deliver them to our farmers. Presently we have 1.5 tons milk collection vehicles however as we are planning to improve the production and marketing of milk, we will increase the number of milk collection vehicles. In the future, we also plan to install 6 milk cooling tanks with a total of 16 tons in villages. Ordu Provincial Directorate of MoFAL takes samples quarterly in order to analyse the hygiene of our milk. Since the establishment of our Union, nearly 50 new stables have been built and they are making production. Our Union became a pushing force for these kinds of initiatives. We are planning to benefit from IPARD grant support for the realization of our future projects.

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