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Beneficiary : Ümit Yaşar Selçuk

My name is Ümit Yaşar Selçuk and I am an IPARD beneficiary from Isparta. I have a milk production capacity of 120 heads thanks to the IPARD support. I have been dealing with milk production for 20 years. In addition, I had also animal fattening and restaurant operations. Now I only deal with the milk production facility. We have been in this business of animal husbandry since my deceased father. My previous enterprise was both old and remained in the settlements. When I bought the land where I built my new enterprise on 6 years ago, I was planning to make investment here. I have learned about IPARD funds during a publicity meeting held by the Isparta Provincial Coordination Unit of ARDSI. I submitted my application and following the approval of my project I set up my enterprise. Both the capacity of my enterprise increased and I owned a facility at EU standards thanks to IPARD supports. The difference between the activities of the animal husbandry we conducted in the past and those of the current one is like the difference between the works of a master and apprentice. I have 9 employees in my enterprise. I would like to make investment on biogas and solar energy. I also plan to set up a slaughterhouse and meat processing facility in the Organized Industrial Zone in Isparta. I recommend the ones having a good project idea to apply for IPARD supports. However, you should not leave everything to consultants during the application period, you should take part in it yourself. You should frequently check your financial situation. When you build an enterprise at EU standards, your milk also becomes valuable, hence you can sell your milk at the prices you set.

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General Directorate of Agrarian Reform
Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
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