We Created A Brand In Tourism In Van

Beneficiary : Didem Dede

My name is Didem Dede, I am an interior architect. The Edremit district is 14 km far from the Van city center and it is a touristic place along the coast of Lake Van. We had a land here leased out for a long time and while I was working in the Çatak district for a hotel project, I heard about IPARD grant supports from a friend of mine. I visited the Van Provincial Coordination Unit of ARDSI and received information there. Later on I decided to build an aqua park on our land. I was not engaged in tourism activities before this project. My siblings are also interior architect and engineer; hence we prepared the project ourselves and submitted to ARDSI. We completed our aqua park in December, 2013. It attracted considerable interest of both domestic and foreign visitors during summer seasons in 2015-2016-2017. We provided services to nearly 20,000 visitors mainly from Iran in 2017. It has become a brand in Van as it is the most visited place in our province. The hotels and tourism agencies around use our facility in their visual materials as well. Previously one day visitors were coming to the hotels nearby; however, thanks to our facility, the accommodation period of the guests has extended and the number of guests coming has been increasing. Store owners, minibus and taxi drivers also benefited from this economic growth. We have 30 employees during intensive summer periods, as our project area is 12,000 m2, we plan to increase the number of pools and build bungalows or a boutique hotel for accommodation. We also think about building a covered hall for social activities like small concerts, student parties and wedding ceremonies. We would like to thank all those who helped us realize our dream through IPARD.

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