I have implemented the first beekeeping project in Ağrı

Beneficiary : Ahmet Turan

I am Ahmet Turan and I have been dealing with stationary beekeeping activity for 12 years. Besides beekeeping, I am also engaged in animal husbandry and milk production. I also grow barley, wheat, corn, vetch, alfalfa and trefoil. In the beginning I had 10 beehives then I increased the number of beehives to 180 beehives in time. The winter is tough in this region and last year I lost 80 beehives because of harsh winter conditions. I first learned about the IPARD Programme from my father. He is the Head of Beekeepers Union, hence closely follows the latest developments in the sector. I applied for the IPARD grant program and purchased 200 beehives, a tractor, and a cold drying system for pollen and a queen excluder. Following the investment, beekeeping became my primary agricultural activity. It turned out to be a professional occupation rather than an amateur one and transformed into a commercial activity. I sell about 700-800 kg of honey annually. I send honey to my special consumers in İstanbul and Adapazarı via cargo. In case I have leftover honey, I let the bees consume it in the spring. I share my knowledge and experience with the people concerning the IPARD project application and implementation process. I advise those desiring to apply for IPARD supports to prepare projects in the area they really would like to engage in and they know best. In the future I would like to apply for IPARD and submit an enterprise project to produce honeycomb from beeswax.

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