Introducing The Quality Of Taşköprü Garlic

Beneficiary : Nevzat Helvacıoğlu

My name is Nevzat Helvacıoğlu, we established our firm, which is Alter Food Industry Company, in order to market the traditional and quality garlic we produce in Taşköprü district of Kastamonu. Previously, I was only a garlic producer but after benefiting from IPARD support, I owned a garlic packaging facility. Besides our own production, we purchase garlic from the producers around, package and sell them to İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. However, due to the fluctuations in garlic prices and poor quality and cheap garlic in the market we face competition difficulties. We sell our garlic to meat processing and pickle producing firms. We exported our garlic to Azerbaijan previously, however could not manage to continue our exportation. As the production of traditional Taşköprü garlic is limited, even though we manage to reach new marketing channels, we can face the risk of fulfilling the demand. Despite the negative cases we employ approximately 7 woman employees thanks to our enterprise established via IPARD support. In the future we are targeting to reach more consumers by setting up a broader marketing network.

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