A Restaurant In Ordu Boztepe With A View Of Sea And Forest

Beneficiary : Cem Yener

My name is Cem Yener, I have been in service sector as restaurant owner for a long time. Later on, by benefiting from IPARD support I opened Tepe Restaurant which includes both cafe and restaurant in Boztepe village of Ordu. I have the desire to open an enterprise in Boztepe for a long time. I was informed about IPARD support from internet and then I considered that I can manage to realize the restaurant I planned via IPARD. I established this restaurant with build-operate-transfer model for 14 years. Our building has 4 floors and besides restaurant and cafe, we offer service for several organizations and special invitations. Rather than earning money, my objective in opening this facility is creating a place where the people living here can enjoy the weekend and ensure the visitors coming out of Ordu spend quality time. Occupancy rate of our enterprise is continuous between May and September however during winter we are only full at weekends. We are seeking for novelty for our enterprise hence instead of opening a new enterprise, we try to produce new ideas for improving the service quality of our existing restaurant. Service sector requires patience, devotion and daintiness. In case these factors are not noticed, the enterprise cannot be sustainable. I recommend the ones planning to invest on this sector to pay attention to these issues.

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